Lomo'Instant Sanremo Camera + 3 Lenses


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Lomo'Instant Sanremo Camera + 3 Lenses – Lomography A camera that looks as good as the photographs it takes. The Lomo'Instant Sanremo has a retro appearance with a classic brown case design. Its three lenses provide you with versatility: as well as a built-in wide-angle lens, it has a fisheye lens attachment, a portrait lens attachment, and a close-up lens attachment. A long exposure setting is perfect for night-time photographs. There is also an auto flash shooting mode, and a tiny mirror to the left of the lens, which allows you to take perfect selfies. This camera produces credit card-sized snaps.
  • Dimensions: 5.5" x 3.7" x 1.2"
  • Wide-Angle Lens (built-in): 27mm equivalent wide-angle allows you to shoot up close with its 0.4m closest focusing distance.
  • Fisheye Lens Attachment: allows you to take 170° snapshots
  • Portrait Lens Attachment: 35mm equivalent
  • Close-Up Lens Attachment: 10-15cm closest focusing distance
  • Lens Caps
  • Colored Gel Filters
  • Compatible with Fuji Instax Mini Film (not included)