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Moving to Vienna as a girl made a lasting impression on my aesthetic. The combination of style and tradition in Austrian design, the modernist art and architecture, the glittering chandeliers, all of it has stayed with me. My Vienna edit reflects those influences in a curated selection that covers style, beauty, and home.

  • $1,450

    I love this rich Cassis shade.

  • Le Monde Beryl,

    Stylish and comfortable in equal measure.

  • Jessica Kagan Cushman,

    A sparkling symbol of good luck.

  • Alix of Bohemia,

    A stylish jacket for fall.

  • $90

    Add character to a table setting.

  • $600

    Inspired by traditional Tyrolean design.

  • $480

    Hand-blown on the Venetian island of Murano.

  • $140

    I love this charming floral motif.

  • Hilda.Henri,

    A cute girl’s dress for fall.

  • $325

    Inspired by 16th century ornamental glass beakers.

  • $275

    Hammered brass originally inspired by a vintage piece.

  • $60

    The fresh evergreen of the Alps with Pine and Fir Balsam.

  • $30

    Creamy coverage in a pretty color

  • $240

    An alluring rose scent for evening.

  • $1,259

    Adds sparkle and a sense of occasion.

  • 1stdibs,

    A perfect example of Austrian craftsmanship.

  • $725

    Simple geometry inspired by Art Deco design.

  • Alpen Schatz,

    An adorable edelweiss and heart design.

  • $295

    A stylish way to organize a vanity or desk.

  • Wiener Werkstätte,

    A beautiful example of Wiener Werkstätte design.